Standard Operating Procedures

This page shall serve as the official Code of Ethics for the San Andreas Fire Department:

Last Updated: 01/26/2023
By: Kidd B.

1.1 - Chief’s Office Goals

The mission of San Andreas Fire Department is to minimize loss of life, property and the environment from fires, natural disasters, life threatening situations, and to assist other emergency agencies.

1.2 - The SAFD Firefighter

As a SAFD Firefighter, you must know that a certain level of trust has been bestowed upon you, both by your peers and the public you were sworn to protect

1.3 - Responsibility

  • Act as a professional at all times

  • Be able to meet the responsibilities of their job duties

  • Be responsible for their actions and accountable to the citizens they serve

  • Be able to set goals for themselves and measure objectives within a time limit that supports the achievement of these goals

  • Be open for individual and peer improvement

  • Be able to detect problems and be capable of making decisions in response to those issues

  • Be open and willing to enhance their level of knowledge, training, and education

1.4 - Respectability

  • Understand that public service is the primary purpose of our profession

  • Understand that how we interact with the public, angles, and staff will determine our success as a department

  • Exhibit a positive, compassionate and responsive attitude toward the community

  • Express a genuine desire to satisfy the needs of the citizens of the community

  • Understand that while off-duty we still represent the SAFD and our public image

  • Understand that Social Media postings can relfect negatvely on the SAFD and its public image

1.5 - Dedication

  • Strive to obtain goals for self, and peer improvement

  • Perform at the highest potential by striving for individual objectives while putting forth maximum effort

  • Have pride, take ownership, take responsibility, and have passion for our work

  • Strive to be involved in trainings and meetings when they are announced

  • Inactivity for prolonged amounts of time ( 1 week+ ) without notifying staff will result in disciplinary action Apply for LOA/partial LOA if needed in discord

1.6 - Innovation

SAFD values innovation from all levels. The Chief of the department and Command Staff actively set goals to keep pace with the latest methods and technology available in the field and applicable to our department. All firefighters must understand the importance of creating an environment with their peers that encourages innovation and creativity through input, discussion and participation

1.7 - Cooperation

  • In order to be successful as a department, it is expected all Firefighter will cooperate and work towards a common goal

  • It will be expected that all Firefighters will lead by example and be willing and able to assist any citizen or other public service agency in the community

1.8 - Integrity

  • The integrity of SAFD must never be compromised

  • Firefighters shall hold integrity and honesty as one of their highest values

1.8 - Confidentiality

  • Do not share personal information about patients and/or victims of a possible crime, co workers and the like

1.9 - Corruption

  • Corruption will not be tolerated

  • SAFD Firefighters shall not be clocked "on-duty" unless performing in an official capacity to which they were hired

  • SAFD shall not access, share information, or spend any SAFD funds without the approval of the Chief

  • SAFD shall not acquire department assets unless issued by Command Staff

  • SAFD Firefighters shall not distribute any department assets to the community

    • The exception being first aid supplies for emergency care

1.10 - Off-Duty Conduct

  • Understand that while off-duty we still represent the SAFD and our public image

  • SAFD firefighter may carry/own legally owned and registered weapon while off-duty for self protection

  • Engaging in illegal activities while off-duty will result in disciplinary action

  • Off duty conduct that reflects negatively on the SAFD and its reputation will result in disciplinary action

The SAFD Code Of Ethics is enforceable through our official Disciplinary Process