Standard Operating Procedures

This page shall serve as the official Weapons Policy for the San Andreas Fire Department:

Last Updated: 12/13/2022
By: Kidd B.

17.1- Purpose

  • The purpose of this policy is to assure firefighter safety and the public’s safety in SAFD properties and on the scene of all incidents or events.

17.2- SAFD definition of a "weapon"

  • Weapons include, but are not limited to:

    • visible and concealed weapons, including those for which the owner holds the necessary permits.

    • firearms/guns

    • knives or swords with a blade longer than four inches

    • explosive or chemical materials

    • any object that could be used to harass, intimidate, or injure another person

17.3- SAFD Expectations/Standards

  • The Fire Department prohibits and will not tolerate any weapons in the Fire Station, apparatus, drill sites, or on the property of any department sponsored or sanctioned events. This policy applies to all members, family members, and visitors, as well as all clients and contractors, whether or not they are licensed to carry a concealed weapon

  • Members are also prohibited from carrying a weapon while in the course and scope of representing the Department regardless of whether he/she is licensed to carry a handgun

  • Prohibited weapons include any form of weapon or explosive restricted under local, state or federal regulation including all firearms, illegal knives or other weapons covered by the law

17.4- Exceptions

  • The only exceptions to this policy are law enforcement officers who are functioning in official capacity

17.5- Procedures

  • When a member is in possession of a valid carry permit and has a weapon on their person, that weapon shall be removed from the person and secured in his/her vehicle prior to entering the Fire Station, or the fire incident or event, whether owned, leased or controlled for any reason

  • The Department has no responsibility to provide a means of storage of any weapon

  • A member who is uncertain whether an instrument or device is prohibited under this policy is obligated to request clarification to insure that he/she is not in violation of this policy

  • Members will be held responsible for making sure that any potentially covered item you possess is not prohibited by this policy

  • Members who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the department

**This policy shall not be construed to create any duty of obligation on the part of the Department to take any actions beyond those required of an employer by existing law