Ceremonial Proceedings

This page shall serve as the official Ceremonial Proceedings Policy for the San Andreas Fire Department:

Last Updated:  02/03/2023
By:   Ceaser Black

Promotional Ceremonies: 

When a SAFD Firefighter has accomplished the tasks for their given rank and successfully pass their evaluation procedure(s) for the subsequent rank, they are entitled to a formal Promotional Ceremony Proceeding.  The following will outline how the SAFD upholds tradition and conducts these proceedings:







Gentlemen & Ladies:  Thank you,

I appreciate this privilege so very much because it is a high privilege and great honor for me to look at this group of men and women and tell them how proud I am of you. We, the Command Staff of the San Andreas Fire Department are proud of you for meeting the requirements and to admission of this great department and your according rank. We're proud of you for the training you've undertaken and completed, but we're prouder of you because you are committed to a great position of public service, probably one of the most important undertakings that anybody can do for fellow citizens and for people with whom she or he will come in contact. 

This is indeed a great department, and I confirm this because I have watched the department over the last two years grow and make a positive contribution to this community. You have stepped forward to serve others, and you will have rewards. You will save lives. You will have people come up to you later and thank you for saving their lives, thank you for touching them and caring. 

You may not make a lot of money, but you won't remember the house you live in as much as the service that you provide to people in this community. Look at your challenges and look at why we're so proud of you. You have put your life on the line and stepped forward for your call to duty. You now know what you are getting into and you have continued to step forward and upward in the ranks. You have been through a training process that has prepared you for it and we are certain you will serve your rank to its fullest.

You may have to deal not just with the hell of fire but with a double hell of weapons and violence that we cannot comprehend. It is very important that this department be prepared to cope with those situations, God forbid they should ever occur. We are the front line. You will be among the first to respond to whatever situation this state endures. Rely on your training and stand true to the SAFD values and ethics. We will be responding in chaos, but with care, compassion and professionalism. 

I, as your Chief, continuously work with State and other communities across this nation in developing a partnership. A partnership that will take the latest in research, the latest in equipment and technology and put it in your hands in an orderly way along with training and help prepare you for the extraordinary challenges that we face on a daily basis. I'm committed to doing everything I can to make sure you have the tools and the resources necessary to do that job. 

But in addition to all of that, you have got to save people's lives day in and day out, and you already are walking into a situation where you will get more calls for service than ever before. You have got to have an awful lot of knowhow in knowing this department. I know you have got that, but just remember, when you rescue a victim, the tone of voice that you use, the kindness, the command, the understanding that you provide that person will leave a lasting impression.

You are going to be the first responder to violence, to tragedy, to so many different situations that affect all human beings and how you deal with it will make a mark on that person that will be felt for the rest of his or her life. You have such an extraordinary challenge because so many people look up to you.

You live in one of the great communities in the world. It's a little over 2 years old, and there is no other city in this country that has grown so fast with such diversity and with such magnificence in about 2 years. This community is integrated at this time with international aspects of all concerns, which are felt around the world. 

You can make the difference by contributing to the community and to the bonds of community and in a way that not many can. Working together as a team and working with our partners in EMS and PD we can  build a sense of community that can make a difference in our great state. 

I love this city. I love its people. I love what it means for so many. It means hope and freedom and opportunity. You undertake to protect that community. You undertake to protect the lives of us all, and for us all I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. God speed, and take good care of yourselves. 

Kidd Barus,

Chief | San Andreas Fire Department