Standard Operating Procedures

This page shall serve as the official Personnel Accountability Policy for the San Andreas Fire Department:

Last Updated: 11/21/2022
By: Kidd B.

9.1- Purpose:

The purpose of this SOP is to provide for the tracking and inventory of all members operating at an emergency incident. It is the responsibility of all Command Staff and OIC's to maintain a constant awareness of the position and function of all personnel assigned to operate under their supervision. This awareness shall serve as the basic means of accountability that shall be required for operational safety.

9.2- Incident Commander / Officer In Charge:

  • The incident commander shall be responsible for overall personnel accountability for the incident

  • The incident commander shall maintain an awareness of the location and function of all companies or units at the scene of an incident

  • The incident commander shall initiate an accountability system at the very beginning of operations and shall maintain that system throughout operations (unless an accountability officer has been appointed.)

  • The incident commander shall provide for the appropriate control of access for all personnel and bystanders at the incident scene

9.3- Accountability System:

  • An accountability system shall be initiated at all incidents

  • Each firefighter shall be provided with a firefighter accountability tag

  • Each apparatus shall carry three accountability passports which firefighter tags shall be placed according to riding position

  • It shall be the responsibility of all firefighter to place their accountability tag on the appropriate passport

  • Each apparatus shall be equipped with a passport collection point

  • At emergency incidents, which have advanced beyond the incipient stage, it shall be the responsibility, as time allows, of the incident commander or designee to collect passports from the vehicles or OIC of each company and place them at the incident command post

9.4- Personnel Accountability Report (PAR):

  • It is recommended that the officer in charge of accountability obtain a PAR every twenty to thirty minutes during fire ground operations

  • A PAR may be confirmed in person or through radio communication

  • A PAR should also be obtained immediately following a catastrophic fire ground event, such as a collapse, to insure all personnel are accounted for

  • In the event of a catastrophic occurrence on the fire ground, the incident command board shall be made available to the incident commander

  • At the conclusion of an incident, department personnel shall be responsible for retrieving their passports from the command post