Special Operations Division

This page shall serve as the official Standard Operating Procedures for Firehawk operations and certification:

Last Updated:  04/19/2023
By:   Kidd B.

Standard Operating Procedure


Firehawk (FH)

- Purpose 

The purpose of this document is to serve as the main point of reference for all SOPs pertaining to SAFR’s Firehawk (FH) helicopter. Questions or concerns that extend past the scope of this SOP may be referred to the immediate supervisors. Deviations from the instructions in this document while operating in an official capacity could lead to disciplinary action at the discretion of leadership.

- Firehawk Activation

-Firehawk Expectations

-FAA Regulations

Remember to be courteous when using radio 1

- switch to radio 1

- wait to hear if there is an active scene

- if there is use /911 to report instead, do not interrupt

- if there is not, call out “<SAFD/FIRE/FireHawk> to PD” and wait for someone to respond before relaying any further message.

FAA Regulations

Fire Hawk Technician Selection:

Firehawk Turnover Process:

Phase 1:


Phase 2:


Phase 3:


**10+ hours of documented total flight time**

**Certified FireHawk Pilots will have the 'FireHawk' discord role**