Field Training Division

This page shall serve as the official SOP for Field Training Officer Expectations:

Last Updated:  05/22/2023
By:   Kidd B.

- Purpose

The SAFD Field Training Officer (FTO) Program is a group of selected individuals chosen to assist with interviews, orientations, basic knowledge of the department, and on the job training for a new recruit. FTOs are also the rank of Specialist and serve as the department's subject matter experts and Training Officers for the Special Operations Division.

Training is the single most important element for a safe, professional, and effective fire department. It is imperative that all members are properly trained on all aspects of firefighting to help safeguard his/her life, the lives of other firefighters and the lives of those we serve. In order for the SAFD to achieve this, it is imperative that we have highly qualified, highly motivated people the role of Field Training Officer.

- F.T.O Expectations